Prof. Dr. Zhang-Jie Shi

Peking University

Zhangjie Shi and his team are aiming at developing efficient and economic synthetic methodologies as well as understanding the intrinsic properties of the inert bonds to meet the requirement of green and sustainable development. His current work is focused on direct transformations of “inert” chemical bonds, including C-O, C-H and C-Cs.

My Sessions

Upgrading Cross Coupling


Conventional cross coupling is one of the most powerful methods to construct carbon-carbon bonds starting from organohalides and organometallic reagents, catalyzed by late transition-metal catalysts in general.1 With our and others’ efforts, the electrophilic partner can be taken place of by O-based electrophiles.2 C-H bonds could also applied as coupling partners, coupled with various organometallic […]

General homogeneous catalysis