Prof. Dr. Sensuke Ogoshi

Osaka University

Sensuke Ogoshi graduated from Osaka University in 1988, where he received his Ph.D under the supervision of Professor Shinji Murai in 1993. In that year he joined the faculty at Osaka University as an assistant professor. He was promoted to an associate professor in 1999, and is a full professor since 2007. In the meantime, he pursued his academic career also at University of Alberta during 1996-1997, where he joined the research group of Professor Jeffrey M. Stryker (JSPS Fellowships for Research Abroad). He has received the Japan Chemical Society Award for Young Chemist (1999), SSOCJ Nissan Chemical Industries Award for Novel Reaction & Method (2012) and the Japan Chemical Society Award for Creative Work (2013).
Research Interests
His research directs toward discovery of new transition metal complex that can act as a key reaction intermediate in new transformation reaction of unsaturated compounds. In addition, the correlation between structure and reactivity of intermediates and real catalytic reaction path.
Research field: organometallic chemistry, organic synthesis, inorganic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, fluorine chemistry

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