Prof. Dr. Pher G. Andersson

Stockholm University

Pher G. Andersson was born 1963 in Växjö, Sweden. He was educated at Uppsala University where he received his BSc in 1988 and his PhD in 1991. After postdoctoral research at Scripps Research Institute with Prof. K.B. Sharpless, he returned to Uppsala where he became Docent in 1994 and full Professor in 1999. As of January 2013, he is Professor of Organic Chemistry in Stockholm University. His main research interests involve organometallic chemistry, stereo-selective synthesis, and asymmetric catalysis.

My Sessions

Recent developments in the regio- and enantioselective hydrogenation of olefins


Asymmetric hydrogenation of unfunctionalized olefins have attracted considerable interest recently1 and chiral Ir-P,N complexes have been found to be extremely useful catalytic precursors for the asymmetric hydrogenation of minimally functionalized di- and tri-substituted olefins.2 However, beside the development of highly enantioselective protocols, regioselectivity, or the ability to hydrogenate only one out of several olefins in […]

Asymmetric Catalysis