Prof. Dr. Marta Catellani

Università di Parma

Marta Catellani obtained her Doctorate degree (Italian Laurea) in Chemistry in 1971 from the University of Parma where she later began her research activity in catalytic processes.
She then spent one year as post-doctoral researcher at the University of Chicago (1977–1978), some months in Sheffield (1985), and also in Tsukuba (1990). Later she was visiting professor at the Moscow State University (1992), at the Beijing Institute of Technology (2004), and at the University of Xi’an (2004), and also JSPS fellow in Japan (2012).
She has developed her researches in organic chemistry via homogeneous catalysis with VIII group metals, emphasizing sequential organic syntheses and the spectroscopic detection of intermediates in catalytic reactions. Her present research interests are centred on catalysis of multistep, multicomponent organic reactions by means of palladium species.

Università di Parma
e-mail: marta.catellani@unipr.it

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Pd/norbornene catalysis, quo vadis?


In addition to the well-known ability of Pd catalysts to assemble complex molecular structures from a wide variety of simple building blocks, the Pd/norbornene catalytic system provides an invaluable approach to activate the ortho positions of aryl halides and thus to functionalize them at both the ortho and ipso positions in a single transformation. These […]

General homogeneous catalysis