Prof. dr. Bert J.M. Klein Gebbink

Utrecht University


organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, coordination chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, bioanorganic chemistry

Research interests

metals in organic synthesis; metals in biology; non-heme iron chemistry (biomimetics and oxidation catalysis); catalytic formation of C-C and C-X bonds; catalytic C-H activation; immobilization of homogeneous catalysts; tandem catalysis; synthetic enzymes; catalytic conversion of biomass

Member of NIOK (Netherlands Institute for Research in Catalysis), NRSCC (National Research School Combination Catalysis) and CatchBio (Catalysis for Sustainable Chemicals from Biomass)
Young Chemists trade fair, VIDI grant

My Sessions

Bio-inspired homogeneous oxidation catalysis: towards practical oxidation catalysts


Mono-nuclear non-heme iron enzymes are renowned for the large number of oxidative transformations that these are able to carry out.[1] Many of these transformations are unprecedented in synthetic chemistry. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of effort is being spent on understanding the mechanisms by which these enzymes operate. Next to investigations on […]

Renewables to chemicals and fuels