Prof. Kyoko Nozaki

Tokyo University

Kyoko Nozaki received her Ph.D. in 1991 from Kyoto University under the guidance of Professor Kiitiro Utimoto. During her graduate studies she also worked with Professor Clayton H. Heathcock at the University of California, Berkeley as an exchange student. In 1991, Dr. Nozaki began her independent career as an instructor at Kyoto University, where she became an associate professor in 1999, and then moved to the University of Tokyo as an associate professor in 2002 where she has been a full professor since 2003.
Professor Nozaki’s research is focused on the development of homogeneous catalysts for organic synthesis including polymer synthesis. Her research is based on the careful understanding of reaction mechanisms both experimentally and theoretically. The significance of her research for industrial applications is also an important consideration.

My Sessions

Coordination copolymerization of propylene with polar monomers


Control over regio- and stereoregularity has been crucial in any type of propylene polymerization catalysts. In addition to the homopolymerization, the late transition metal catalyzed copolymerization of olefins with polar monomers has recently emerged as a powerful method for the synthesis of functional polyolefins. Despite the substantial progress in this area, most catalytic systems are […]

Applied homogeneous catalysis